MCOcare Sdn Bhd is a Third Party Administrator or also known as Manage Care Organization. Our commitment is to provide the best solution in managing medical benefit for corporate organization with our expertise and experiences. MCOcare possess highly qualified medical experts to serve our customer’s need and requirements with the best solutions in containing the escalation of medical cost, more efficiency, multi-sources healthcare managing skills with proactive customers approach in ensure all of our clients to get the best and quality treatment by our panel providers.

MCOcare was founded, spearheaded the company with a clinically oriented visions and missions. An active Consultant Cardiologist and Physician in a Private Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. He is Head of Cardiology and Wellness Unit and was formerly Head of Medical Advisory Review Consultant Team for FELDA Global Ventures Holding (FGVH).

At MCOcare, professionalism, expertise and honest are highly regarded. For us, employees are the backbone of every organization and it is important for the organization to provide the best medical benefit for their staffs. With our expertise and experience, MCOcare can complement our client requirements with in depth by managing and consultation for achieving company objective.

We believe that this partnership would be beneficial for us to induce outstanding medical cost and poor health management results towards achieving high corporate standards. We at MCOcare hope you would be pleased for the service we commit and look forward to a rewarding and productive collaborative effort.

Meeting and exceeding the requirements of the Company’s external constituents.
Doing the right thing on a daily basis, one associate at a time, to provide exceptional service to our Members.
Meeting and exceeding the needs and requirements of the Company’s internal associates and partners.

We believe in “Hassle-Free Health Care”; it's our commitment to our Members, our medical partners, and our associates.

MCOcare is dedicated to a core set of principles that infuse everything we do. It starts with our Vision, which drives our Mission, is incorporated into our Values, and ultimately expressed in the cultural attributes.

  • MCOcare strives to transform MCO management in Malaysia to be a recognized MCO solution in Asia Pacific region.
  • To provide and manage the best healthcare services that include cost effective, short lead-time, multi-approach skills solution and proactive customer approach.
  • To provide One Stop Medical Consultation for the customers with professionalism, expertise and honest as a tool for reverence of the clients in making the decision.
  • To ensure all members enjoy the best medical treatment on accredited and selected hospitals at reasonable costs of the treatment.
  • To facilitate members to get fast medical treatment with close monitoring by our experts.
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